Our founder Dominic Corea was a master carpenter who helped build many of the buildings in Old Town Tustin. In 1968, Dominic decided to leave his tools behind and purchase a small Italian restaurant with his wife Nina.

Dominic had a keen business sense and was an extremely hard worker. He was also something of a perfectionist: A carpenter at heart, he was known to break out his measuring tape to ensure that servings of lasagna were the right size! He arrived each morning at 5:00 am to make the fresh bread that his guests had come to love.

An excellent cook, Nina directed the cooking at the restaurant, sharing her cherished family recipes. She also handmade several of the desserts including the cannoli and cheesecake – a tradition that we continue today.

Eventually, Corea daughters Tina and Teresa, later joined by their oldest children Alfio and Anna, took over the day-to-day running of the restaurant. Since then, the Roma has seen several updates and continued to grow, but we believe that two things will forever remain the same: our treasured family recipes—including the original bread and desserts—and the joy and pride we take in sharing them with our guests.

We invite you to come in and eat with us so we can continue to serve you for the next 55 years.



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